Our fleet is environmentally friendly

We are one of the greenest companies in our industry, with a cautious corporate approach and we have an environmental friendly policy. We are always committed to calculate the impact of our activities in order to improve. Our company’s environmental policy aims to reduce harmful emissions to minimize our environmental footprint.   A goal that we achieve every year thanks to the scheduling of routes that reduces the empty travel time, the promotion of combined transport ( Rail  /  sea  /  road ) as well as the training of our staff .

  • We have one of the greenest fleets in Europe, all vehicles of Gebr. Thomaidis GmbH   are of  Euro 6 specification which allow  reduction in C02 emissions, and with reduced noise compared to the diesel engines of the past.
  • We have modern TC trailers with green tech
  • Development of software that helps the driver for driving profile that leads to emission reduction.
  • Training and driving lessons by instructors for “green” and safer driving.
  • Introduction of the speed limiter maximum from 90 to 85 Km/ h(to reduce consumption by 2%).
  • Vehicle maintenance and use of eco-friendly tires and under pressure control.
  • Parking areas equipped with charging points to connect the cooling chambers to the electricity grid during stops.
  • Eco friendly building facilities.

We must become greener if we want our planet to remain habitable for  generations to come.  For us it was a long trip of will and determination that led us to build a green fleet among the most advanced, which place us in the top percentage of the most environmental friendly companies in our industry.