At Gebr.  Thomadis GmbH we connect with daily departures of partial (LTL) and full (FTL) loads all urban centers of Greece with those of Central Europe.

We listen to the needs of our customers targeting to long-term win to win partnerships. Our team is trained daily to ensure the flow of information, in order to provide the best possible quality of service.

Transport of sensitive Products and Foods

Since its founding our company, specializes in the transportation of sensitive temperature-controlled products such as foods and raw materials for food industry.

Owning   one of the largest and modern fleet of vehicles, we transport and deliver daily food products (Frozen, refrigerated, dry) on time and at the right temperature.

We guarantee the quality and reliability of our services in the management of large volumes of loads as well as the availability of equipment in specific periods (seasonal products) as well as servicing during   weekends and holidays.


Our company, with many years of experience and the necessary know-how in the handling of medicines & pharmaceuticals, medical materials & equipment, can offer you complete solutions to meet your transportation needs based on

  • The highly trained team.
  • The privately owned fleet of temperature monitored and controlled trailers (GDP Compliant).
  • The privately owned fleet of BI Thermo temperature controlled trailers with 2 cooling units for the combined transport under different temperatures.
  • Temperature monitoring systems (GPS)
  • 24/7-365 security team   for fleet & temperature monitoring.
  • Special door locking system.
  • High l insurance coverage.

We operate responsibly knowing that at the end of this chain there is always a patient.


For us, safe and consistent transportation of your shipments is always important. However, products of specific sectors such as high technology, clothing, electronic devices, noble metals, military equipment, require the utmost care and special conditions throughout their movement from our:

  • Highly trained team.
  • Dual tracking systems (GPS).
  • Special door locking system.
  • Emergency system in vehicles, connected to our company’s security center.
  • Special trained security team – fleet monitoring  24/7-365.
  • Special insurance coverage.
Special transport

Based on many years of experience, we can offer complete solutions in the field of special transports with one of the most complete fleets of vehicles. The planning, safety and flawless execution of each project individually are the areas we focus on in order to achieve excellent results.

  • Before actual transportation, the route is inspected in order to ensure safe passage.
  • We own elongated trailer up to 24 meters long
  • Semi-deep trailer for load height up to 4.10 meters
  • Trailer levels for payload up to 45 tons
  • Special trailer for rotor transport
  • Special trailer for boat transport
  • Container chassis
  • Special transport tractors
  • Accompanying vehicles
ADR / Transport of waste

Gebr. Thomaidis GmbH is active in the field of hazardous   (ADR/ IMO)  and dangerous waste shipments  compliant with  all international protocols for safe transportation while respecting human health and the environment.

  1. Fully equipted trucks according to the C.O.C.
  2. Highly trained and certified team of drivers.
  3. Specialized and certified team of collaborators for the control and publication of accompanying maps.
  4. Special waste transport permits

Our Express service is an important factor in saving valuable and productive time for you. Having an organized network of privately owned vans we can offer you flexible and reliable door-to-door delivery options safely, at the destination and in the time you have set us.

H Gebr. Thomaids Gmbh is a reliable partner who can offer you specialized and integrated solutions in the field of road transport.

  1. Highly trained team of drivers.
  2. Dual tracking systems (GPS).
  3. Special door locking system.
  4. Emergency button on vehicles, connected to the safety center.
  5. Trained monitoring team – emergency center 24/7.
  6. Special insurance cover.